Naturalization Test Redesign Development 2022

USCIS is conducting a nationwide trial of proposed changes to the English-speaking portion and content of the naturalization test as part of a naturalization test redesign initiative. The trial test period is expected to run for a five-month period in 2023. It is expected that the Naturalization Test Redesign Initiative will take approximately two years and be ready for implementation by late 2024.

Naturalization Test Redesign Development 2022 (CITIZENSHIP NEWS)

Trial will include a standardized English-speaking test and an updated civics test. The trial is voluntary for organizations and students, and any test taken will not affect a naturalization application. Results from the trial may be used to support changes to the naturalization test.

During the trial testing, USCIS would be assessing the understanding of English through the questions or prompts given with the speaking test instead of using the interview questions and Form N-400.

Trial Speaking Test

As part of the speaking test trial, volunteer students will look at three color photographs, which they will be asked to describe. Applicants will respond to three color photographs randomly selected from a bank of approximately 70 images that directly correspond to an ordinary usage scenario, such as daily activities, the weather, or food. 

Trial Civics Test

During the trial, students will answer ten multiple-choice civics questions and select the one best answer from the four choices presented. USCIS decided to trial test multiple choice test questions to be consistent with the industry standard and best practice and increase standardization of test questions. Much of the trial civics content will be familiar to adult citizenship students and will be similar to the current civics test content.

Applicants will read civics test items that will be displayed on a tablet and choose the one best response from the potential answers displayed.

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